Program / Policies and Procedures


Students are expected to attend 85% of each class in this program in order to pass each course
and successfully complete the program. Failure to attend 85% can lead to the instructor giving the
student a failing grade. Unforeseen absences, such as illness or emergency, must be relayed to
the instructor(s) by email as soon as possible in order to be excused and therefore not affect the
attendance record of the student. Students must arrive on time to class; chronic lateness will be
considered equivalent to unexcused absence from a course. Lateness and unexcused absences
will both impact your grades in the program, as described on course outlines.

Extended absences that fall outside of the normal policies must be brought to the attention of the
Program Advisor, with final approval from the Executive Director, Continuing Studies.

In the event of an instructor absence, students will be notified by email as soon as possible, and
will make arrangements to make up the class time with the instructor at the following class.

Use of Moodle

Course outlines, assignments and grading are available through Moodle at
Students may be expected to upload assignments through this system; instructors will provide
specific details in terms of file size and procedures.


Interaction Design Essentials is a laptop-based program and students are expected to provide their own computer for classes and assignments. Students will be granted access to Adobe Creative Cloud and they are responsible for ensuring their computer is capable of running Adobe software. No lab access is included in Interaction Design Essentials.


Grading for Interaction Design Essentials students will be available to students through Moodle;
assessment and feedback can also be accessed in this way.

Within two weeks of the completion of each course, grades will be uploaded to insideEC. You can
also access your transcript through the Continuing Studies office after the program is completed.

Communication with Faculty

Faculty are committed to your learning, and will be available to communicate by email with
students outside of class. Faculty are expected to respond to student inquiries within 48 hours.
Students are asked to conduct themselves professionally when communicating with faculty,
respecting that faculty may not be available on holidays and weekends.

Lead Instructor Liaison

The Lead Instructor will conduct office hours for the students once a week for 2 hours in order to
help with any questions or trouble-shooting that has come up during the week. Administrative
inquiries, regarding facilities, student conduct, policies and procedures or grades should be
brought to the attention of the Coordinator, Design + Media.

Emily Carr Library

The library collection is composed of print resources including books, journals, and exhibition
catalogues; a broad range of electronic resources; slide and digital images; films, videos and
DVDs; sound effects; artists’ books; the University’s archives; and a menu collection. Some items
may be ‘On Reserve’ for specific courses. Library collections are accessible in-house to all
students, faculty and the public. For information regarding library services and hours, please call
604 844 3840 or check the library website

Studio and University Access

Students in the Interaction Design Essentials program have access to their studio classroom during scheduled class time.

Interaction Design Essentials students have full access to a variety of sites at Emily Carr,
including the library and cafeteria. Building hours are posted at
Students also have access to for additional learning.

Lectures and Events

As members of the Emily Carr community, you are invited to attend the wide variety of public lectures and
events taking place on campus, including alumni talks and art openings.

Student Code of Conduct

The University community depends on the good judgment and considerate behaviour of its
members. Emily Carr expects the members of its community to conduct themselves with respect
for the rights of others and to behave responsibly at all times. You are responsible for knowing
and observing student-related Emily Carr policies and procedures. For more information on the
Emily Carr Code of Conduct, please refer to our website:
Emily Carr University reserves the right to remove students from courses if it is felt that their
behaviour is disruptive or dangerous.

Emergency Closures

In the event of an emergency closure due to poor weather conditions or other unforeseen
circumstances, information will be posted on the Emily Carr website as soon as a decision is
made to close.

Transit Passes

Interaction Design Essentials students are not eligible to receive U-Passes
through Emily Carr.

Course Failure

Students who receive an F grade in a course will be asked to retake the course in order to pass
their certificate. Students can choose to retake this in the next cohort (6 months later), at a cost of
$495 or to retake a one-on-one session with faculty for a cost of $895.

Students who fail two or more courses are required to pause their certificate until such a time as
they have either retaken these courses with the next cohort or taken a one-on-one session with
faculty and received a passing grade.

Alumni Status

Upon successful completion of the Interaction Design Essentials Program students will achieve
alumni status at Emily Carr and will be eligible for 10% discount on Continuing Studies courses
as well as a variety of programs and discounts through Alumni Services. For more information, visit

Please note: This is an general overview of our policies and procedures. To see our complete policies and procedures, please contact us at